If you only see a black screen after registration and station selection, this means that the stream does not start.

To fix this problem, you can do the following:

  1. Disable Ad Blocker
    Make sure that you do not have an AdBlocker installed, or that you have disabled it for the Wilmaa website.
    The instructions for the respective browsers can be found here:
    Internet Explorer

    If you have Kapersky installed, please add our site (wilmaa.com) as a trusted site. You can find instructions here.
    Kapersky also has an anti-banner function, which works like a regular adblocker. Make sure that you have turned it off (see instructions).

  2. Browser Update
    Your browser should be up to date.
    Chrome Update
    Internet Explorer Update
    Safari Update
    Firefox Update

  3. Clear Cookies and Cache
    Especially with older PCs it can happen that the main memory is full.
    Clear Chrome Cookies and Cache
    Clear Internet Explorer Cookies and Cache
    Clear Safari Cookies and Cache
    Clear Firefox Cookies and Cache

  4. Check Plugins
    - Chrome --> Enter chrome://components in your browser and check if Widevine Content Decryption Module is displayed and check for new updates. If an update is not possible ("Component not updated"), your anti-virus program may prevent the search for updates. Disable your virus protection and try again.
    - Internet Explorer: Go to Tools --> Manage add-ons --> Show all add-ons: Adobe Flash Player (always enable); Silverlight (always enable)
    - Firefox --> The same applies here as for Chrome (see above). --> Enter about:addons in your browser
    Widevine Content Decryption Module: Always activate
      Shockewave Flash: Always disable 

  5. Try another browser
    If my service still doesn't work after all these measures, try it on another browser (Chrome is recommended). 

If you have implemented all these points and the stream still does not work, please contact our Flash team, which will be happy to help you. Please send screenshots of the following test with your e-mail: https://html5test.com/. The Flash team will be able to help you much better right from the start.