If you encounter problems, please try the following: 

1. Is the Box connected to the internet via Wi-Fi or a cable? If you’re using wireless internet, try an Ethernet cable (if possible).

2. If the bit rate of your internet provider is too low: An internet connection with a download speed of at least 10,000 Kbit/s is recommended. Have you tried my speed test on your internet connection?

3. Does your Box have all the latest updates? Please try resetting the Box to factory settings:

To reset the Box, proceed as follows: Switch the Box off via the PSU and then switch it back on. – If the letter “W” appears against a BLUE background (not black!) on your screen, press the “Back/Zurück” button on the remote control for about five seconds. This resets the Box to factory settings. You can then restart it – your favourites and your recording will not be deleted by resetting the Box. They will still be stored in the Cloud.

4. Sometimes the problem is simply a defective HDMI connection. Please try a different connection to your TV.

However, changing to a Apple TV is recommended. With Apple TV, your recordings will be saved for a whole year, without you having to download them.


From now on, Wilmaa's service will be continued on the Apple TV Box and on Android TV (e.g. with the Xiaomi Mi Box). Therefore, the Wilmaa Box will not be developed any further. With the Apple TV Box or Android TV Box and a Wilmaa Me Plus or Friends&Family subscription, the best entertainment at home is guaranteed!

Further advantages of Apple TV:
- Regular Wilmaa updates with new features
- Additional Wilmaa premium features such as recording memory in the cloud
- Apple AirPlay support
- Improved usability
- Shorter loading times, faster zapping
- Access to the Apple App Store with additional apps like Netflix