Get rid of the cable clutter and choose between one of our flexible Wilmaa Premium TV subscriptions here. Just make sure you have an Internet contract and you can watch TV. Which Internet provider you use doesn’t matter. Wilmaa works with every single one of them – that’s called TV streaming.


To avoid paying twice for your TV subscriptions, you probably want to cancel your existing TV subscription. The way how to cancel depends on whether you are currently watching TV via cable or IPTV (with IPTV, unlike with TV streaming, the TV subscription is always tied to the internet subscription of the same provider).


How to cancel your cable connection or cable TV contract:

Most of the time, the cable connection is automatically billed by the landlord with all the other extra costs. In this case, it is best to contact your landlord and inform him/her of your wish to terminate the contract (you can find a sample letter to your landlord here). In addition, send a copy of the letter to the cable provider. If you get your cable connection directly from the provider, you will find a sample letter here.


Cancel IPTV television contract:

If you watch TV via IPTV, you can usually either cancel your TV subscription and keep the Internet, or you can cancel the Internet, TV and telephone together. If you cancel your Internet subscription too, you would have to find a new Internet provider to watch television with Wilmaa. Below we have compiled links to the cancellation forms of some IPTV providers. We recommend that you also check whether your landlord charges you for a cable connection (see above), as many consumers do not notice this:





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